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Carpet in San Rafael, CA

Carpet flooring is a beloved home comfort. Colorful and enduring, modern carpet comes in thousands of attractive options, and there are products to meet nearly any challenge.


You’ll discover an eclectic carpet inventory at City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home in San Rafael, CA. Our collection truly has something for everyone: from the ultimate interior indulgences to practical daily performers. If you’re considering new carpet, here’s what you need to know.


Types of Carpet

Which carpet flooring product will fare best in your favorite room? Before you order that new carpet, we recommend you first take an honest inventory of your space and what happens there.


Carpet fibers are the primary deciding factor of carpet function and feel. Known in the industry as “carpet pile,” your fibers can be either synthetic or natural. Natural fiber favorites include wool and sisal: synthetic varieties include polyester and olefin. Each type of carpet pile has its abilities and strengths, and all can be incorporated into weave styles like level-loop, Berber, or loop.


Carpet Installation

Carpet flooring is generally to be avoided in the kitchen or bathroom: rest assured there are ample options everywhere else. Waterproof and stain-resistant carpet continues to expand its offerings, making it possible to savor those soft surfaces if you live with pets and little kids. Our flooring specialists can help you find the best carpet to meet your specific needs.


Our Carpet Selection

City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be a member of the world’s most prolific independent flooring cooperative. Here, you’ll be pleased to discover beautiful selections by all your favorite carpet brands, including LEES and Tigressá. Please visit us soon at 555 East Francisco Boulevard in San Rafael, CA, to browse our latest carpet flooring displays. You can also shop our carpet flooring online.


More on Carpet


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Caring for Carpet Flooring

Preventing carpet fading is made easy when you

follow these few tips. Follow the link below to learn

more about what causes fading and how to combat it.