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Waterproof Carpet

When it comes to carpet, City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home has the top quality carpet brands to choose from, including the incredibly soft Tigressa collections. Tigressa is one of the top carpet brands available, and is known for its many styles and ultra-soft texture. However, Tigressa’s collections, which include Tigressa Cherish and Tigressa H20, are adding more benefits than before. 

Fade Resistant Carpet

Before Tigressa Cherish and Tigressa H20, there was just Tigressa. Tigressa’s tightly woven fibers protect your carpet or rug against the everyday wear messes from kids and pets. Tigressa’s nylon fibers allows more filament per square inch, which gives the carpet continued strength. Additionally, the filaments are half the size of human hair, resulting in a softer texture. 

Best Carpet for Pets

With Tigressa offering so much already, you may be wondering what the other carpet collections offer. 

Tigressa Cherish, collection is a step above what you already know and love about Tigressa. However, Tigressa Cherish is made out of recycled resources and can be recycled in the future. Along with its eco-friendly qualities, Tigressa Cherish colors and hues are inspired by nature. You will find yourself feeling enriched by the beautiful Tigressa Cherish colors, and you won’t have to worry about fading because the Cherish collection provides an advanced color technology to protect your carpet. 

Top Carpet Brand

Tigressa Cherish provides colors beyond the first Tigressa collection, and with that, has 75% finer fibers. Having much finer fibers makes for a more plush carpet. 

Tigressa and Tigressa Cherish offer beautiful styles and comfort to any home, and yet Tigressa H20 raises the bar that much higher with its waterproof construction. Tigressa H20 is considered to be pet and kid proof, for liquid skills will not soak into the carpet padding nor subfloor. Tigressa H20 is so strong that if you miss a spill you won’t have to break out the cleaning supplies because the carpet is stain resistant.

To learn more about the Tigressa collections, contact City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home in San Rafael, CA. 

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