Stainmaster Carpets

Learn about the most trust carpet brand in North America

Stainmaster Resistance

At City Carpets we are known for our wide selection of flooring options, which includes the Stainmaster Flooring Center. Some may wonder what makes this brand so special compared to other flooring brands and the answer is Stainmaster's stain resistance, durability, and warranties. 

What is a Stainmaster Carpet Made Of?

At our City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home location in San Rafael, CA, our vast collection of Stainmaster carpets might make it difficult to choose. However, with a collection that has everything, including stylish carpet colors and carpet cushioning you will find the floor to fit your personal style. Stainmaster has made a name for itself as one of the most trusted carpet brands in North America. This brand recognition is due to its vast color options and stain resistance. There is no doubt with a Stainmaster carpet, for the LotusFX Fiber Shield and Nylon 6.6 Fibers protect against stains and soiling. Additionally, the Nylon 6.6 fibers is a high performance polymer that is used in airbags, seat belts, and parachute chords. If you can trust this nylon fiber to keep you safe in accidents, there is no doubt that you can trust it to keep your carpet looking newer longer.

Are Stainmaster Carpets Pet Safe?

Stainmaster carpets are pet safe and are the top choice for homes with active families. The Stainmaster collections are engineered for optimal performance against everyday wear, and is able to retain its appearance after years of use. The most notable feature to Stainmaster is that all messes are easy to clean. The stain blocking and soil repellency makes your life easier in a busy household. Also, the carpets durability provides extra assurance and peace of mind.

Stainmaster Services & Warranties 

Being a part of the Stainmaster family means you are offered the Platinum Promise. This promise means if your Platinum Collection carpet gets a permanent stain, we will replace it. Yet, this isn’t the only Stainmaster promise. We also offer a 90 day “Love it or Replace it Promise” as well as a Special Concierge serve which is available to answer any of your carpet questions after your purchase.  

Stainmaster Assurance 

Like all of our customers, having the Stainmaster Flooring Center means we are here to provide you with the best quality service and utmost respect. We will answer all of your questions and help you determine which Stainmaster collection is the perfect fit for your home decor. All Stainmaster products carry warranties, which sets us apart from any of the carpet competition. Nonetheless, like us, Stainmaster holds itself to a very high standard, and all carpets must meet strict requirements. Many competitive carpet brands won't pass the Stainmaster certications for durability, stain and soil resistance, and anti-static. 
To learn more about all the available Stainmaster warranties and Exclusive Product Collections, including Color Stories, Plaza Portfolio, Personal Cutting Edge, and Bigelow, visit our City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home showroom in San Rafael, CA.