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Decorating with Area Rugs

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Area rugs are a great decoration and investment as they add warmth and protection to your home. While in early times area rugs were made mostly from wool and other natural materials, new technological advancements have allowed for innovations in area rugs and new fibers to come about. Each fiber has pros and cons that range from everything to price, wear resistance, longevity, resistance to fading and more. One major tip we have that’s applicable to all rugs is to rotate your rug every 6 months to a year. Because rugs do fade (though some more than others) this rotation will help the rug fade evenly.

Decorating with Area Rugs

Any fiber can be used to make many rugs that range in size, shape and carpet texture based on weaving style. We at City Carpets Carpet One have got you covered with area rug-related information, and when you’ve made your decision, covered with an area rug of your own!

One of the biggest factors that will influence an area rug’s look and feel is how it is woven. The major weaves are pile, flat weave, braided, shag and berber carpet. Pile is a cushier texture while flat woven rugs have no pile or plush. Braided rugs are made of fibers that are braided together for extra durability while shag rugs are very deep and can trap dirt easier than other rugs. Finally, berber rugs are tightly looped but are also soft, and popular for high traffic areas.

To learn more about the different types of area rugs, contact City Carpets Carpet One in San Rafael, CA. We stock a variety of colors, weaves and sizes, so come and check out our selection today! 

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