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Karastan has been crafting some of the world’s most legendary carpet and rug products for nearly a century. Cherished for its innovative products and superb quality, Karastan has much to offer: impeccable artistry, sophistication, and perennial style. With durable solutions for both commercial and residential interiors, Karastan features its signature weaving methods, giving manufactured rugs the brand’s telltale design intricacies, which make it possible for everyday consumers to enjoy that little bit of luxury in their home.

Karastan carpet

Exploring Karastan

Karastan products are some of the most resilient carpets being sold today. Renowned for its unique carpet weave designs, Karastan brings a touch of elegance all types of residential and commercial settings, featuring imported New Zealand wool and advanced fiber technology with built-in stain protection. With a long list of many quality Karastan products, one standout group of products are the SmartStrand Forever Clean line, which employs advanced fiber technology to provide one of the highest-performing, soft, and comforting carpets around. With its built-in stain protection, you won’t worry about your carpet staying beautiful, no matter where the day keeps you.

Of course, Karastan is best known for its legendary woolen lines. As the world’s largest importers of New Zealand Wool, Karastan is environmentally sound, Clean Air certified, and naturally beautiful

Why Wool Carpet?

Wool rugs are a renewable resource and the world’s first carpets were made of wool. This natural material can readily be dyed and holds its color exceptionally well. It can take a beating and works great in areas with heavy foot traffic, and naturally resists soiling and heat.

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