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Most Durable Hardwood Floor

Our City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home showroom may be known for its wide selection of carpet and rugs, but we also offer high quality hardwood brands, including an Invincible one. 

Invincible Hardwood isn’t your average hardwood brand. In fact, Invincible Hardwood offers beauty, strength, and durability above its competition. At City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home we strive to provide flooring that is both visually appealing and strong to the core. Invincible hardwood is that product. 

Invincible Hardwood uses advanced milling and finishing techniques to create its distinct features. The hardwoods natural charm is a result of its knots, mineral streaks, and natural splits. Having an Invincible Hardwood floor means you are getting a rich floor with a vintage look. 

Top Kitchen Flooring Option

Along with Invincible hardwoods appearance, its protective shield is created with layers of aluminum oxide and infused with nano-particles. This construction ensures a strong hardwood floors that is resistant to scratches, scuffs, and wear. 


The Tru-Grain sealant to Invincible hardwood provides extra assurance that your floor will continue to hold its color, detailing, and grain.  

Invincible Hardwood Installation

The Plankperfect feature to Invincible Hardwood refers to the customized sawing and laser cutting. By creating perfect cuts in the wood your hardwood, you will have a tighter tongue and groove. As a result, your hardwood planks will fit tightly together for an even finish and won’t allow water to seep under the subfloor. 


There are many collections to Invincible Hardwood, including the Shaw Face Hardwood. To learn more about your Invincible Hardwood options, contact City Carpets Carpet One in San Rafael, CA. 

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