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All About Hardwood

Highly desirable and timeless, when it comes to classic flooring, there’s truly nothing like genuine hardwood flooring. But not all wood floors are created equal. At City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home in San Rafael, we carry a variety of hardwood floors to choose. Our professional hardwood experts are here to help you find the best hardwood flooring option for your home. We use a unique system to narrow down your selection based on your lifestyle and personal style.

Hardwood flooring is a large investment for a home, so you want to take into account if hardwood is right for your home. Just like any other flooring, hardwood comes in a variety of options. We have different species, finishes, and compositions in stock. Oak, maple, and hickory are among the most popular species in hardwood flooring for their durability and naturally beautiful color. We also have finished and unfinished planks, so you can either have the installer apply a finish in your home or purchase the floor pre-finished. Another important choice is if you want solid or engineered hardwood.

Expert Advice - Solid vs Engineered Hardwood

What are the differences between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood? Join our very own Jim Aaron, VP of Merchandising for Carpet One Floor & Home, for some inside information on the different hardwood flooring options.

Solid vs Engineered Hardwood

Solid hardwood is, just as its name describes, one solid piece of wood from top to bottom. This simple construction lets the natural character of the wood stand out. Solid hardwood preforms best when installed above or on grade, and can be refinished. Engineered hardwood floors are made of multiple real wood veneers whose grains run in different directions in order to increase stability. This allows the floors to resist expanding and contracting during weather changes. Engineered planks can also be refinished. They best perform installed in above, on and below grade so you can enjoy them on every level of your home!

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Where Can Hardwood Be Installed

In addition to our selection of hardwood brands, we provide expert services such as hardwood installation.

  • For your bedroom or home office: Rooms that are set back from your home’s main thoroughfare – and therefore experience less traffic- are ideal locations for softer wood varieties, including pine, black walnut, and black cherry.
  • For your entryway, living room, or kitchen: These rooms are often the heart and hub of your hectic household. Oak, hickory, or other harder woods will weather heavy foot traffic.
  • Down in the basement: If your basement is below grade, the space is likely to get too humid for solid wood flooring. Engineered wood, however, offers additional stability, making it possible to enjoy wooden floors in your man-cave.
  • Bathrooms: Areas with tubs, showers, and sinks are poor locations for wooden floors, since the constant splashes and spills will cause them to warp over time.

You’ll also want to consider your subflooring, as that, too, will determine which flooring is right for your selected space:

  • For a plywood subfloor: Engineered wooden strips that click together, floating cork plans, or any type of nail-or-glue-down hardwood are all great options.
  • For an existing wood floor: Factory-applied finishes and thinner boards will make for safe, trip-free transitions to adjoining rooms.
  • For a concrete subfloor: Click-together flooring, or floor planks that glue down are both options, while nailing isn’t.
  • For a radiant subfloor: Solid wood isn’t the best option. Engineered planks are thinner and also offer more stability.

Our Hardwood Selection

City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home in San Rafael has you covered with one of the area's best selections of hardwood flooring. Our two featured hardwood brands are Shaw and Provenza.  We also have styles from Invincible, which is a Carpet One exclusive.

  1. Rustic River hardwood

    Rustic River emphasizes wood's natural character.

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  2. Invincible Hardwood

    Invincible Hardwood offers premium durability.

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  3. Voyager wood flooring

    Voyager offers bamboo and cork flooring.

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Learn More About Hardwood

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Hardwood and Area Rugs

Hardwood flooring is beautiful to look at, so if you want to prevent damage to it without covering your entire floor then consider investing in an area rug.

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Hardwood and Humidity

Hardwood is made from real wood, which is sensitive to moisture, It is important to know how humidity will impact your hardwood flooring.

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hardwood flooring installation

Hardwood Floor Installation

When it comes to hardwood installation, it is important to have professionals get the job done for you. The best places to install hardwood include bedrooms and living rooms.

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