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“Each lovingly crafted plank speaks in its own individual voice to craftsmanship, quality, and integrity – from the heart of the hardwood.”

Not being able to sleep because of tasks you need to accomplish is the worst, but not being able to sleep because your bedroom floor’s ugliness is driving you crazy has an easy solution. Our City Carpets Carpet One store offers a variety of beautiful flooring options for your bedroom. Whether you are looking for a carpet, or hardwood floor with and area rug, our flooring collections will put your current bedroom floor to shame.

Your bedroom floor should be a reflection of the room’s décor. If your current bedroom floor is unsightly, it’s time to upgrade to a new Innovia carpet or hardwood floor from Rustic River. 

Area Rug Ideas for Bedroom

Innovia offers numerous collections to choose from, but one, in particular, proves to be a favorite among homeowners. The Innovia Touch Xtreme Clean collection provides a “silky smooth, real-world tough carpet.” This Innovia carpet is able to easily repel liquids and is pet-friendly. Having your dog sleep in your bedroom isn’t ideal if your floor absorbs the pet’s odors. However, with an Innovia carpet you never have to worry about pet accidents and odors. The Innovia pet-friendly technology stops any messes and odors from absorbing into the fiber. Each fiber has a flexible and durable shield that is able to repel spills and soiling. So bring on the pet hair, dander, and messes because your Innovia bedroom floor can handle it all. 

In addition to the pet-friendly technology, Innovia has developed the Innotex fiber, which uses natural based fibers (no dyes) to protect your carpet from stains and fading. With an Innovia carpet in your bedroom, you are able to get a beautiful and elegant look while also having the assurance that your carpet will continue to maintain its appearance. Though we can tell you how soft an Innovia carpet is, you won’t understand until you feel one yourself. Visit our showroom in San Rafael, CA and check out the Innovia carpet display.

It is hard to beat an Innovia carpet, but if you are looking to have a rich hardwood look in your bedroom, Rustic River Hardwood is the way to go. 

Decorating with Area Rugs on a Hardwood Floor

Rustic River Hardwood creates a unique look for your bedroom. You will be immediately captivated by the styles, bold textures, and traditional colors. If you desire a bedroom floor with personality, warmth, and the look of weathered hardwood, Rustic River offers a variety of options. Nonetheless, due to its many style options, Rustic River Hardwood has incorporated a total character rating system that allows you to compare the scrape level and shade variation. 

Rustic River Hardwood will provide a timeless look to your bedroom, and if you are looking to add a pop of color to that weathered hardwood look, our custom area rugs will achieve that. Not only is an area rug a great way to add color to your bedroom, but will break up the hard surface floor. To learn more about our custom area rugs, click here: Wool Carpet & Rugs

Give your bedroom floor the upgrade you deserve. To learn more about Innovia carpets and Rustic River Hardwood for your bedroom, contact City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home. Or, visit our showroom in San Rafael, CA. 


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