Flooring Trends

Stay on Trend with these Timeless looks

Flooring Trends

Marble, wood, dark tones, rustic edges and everything in between.

While at its core flooring has remained and will remain pretty constant over the years (not too loud, not too invisible), each year sees new trends in flooring. These trends can highlight anything from color to texture to material to installation method. At City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home, we want to help you stay on top of the current styles and provide you with home design ideas. Here are some of the biggest trends we’ve noticed:

Warm grays with earthy undertones

Gray has been a color that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. This popularity will continue on. Gray is the perfect neutral and goes with many other colors. A new addition to the grays we are seeing comes in the warm undertones of flooring such as hardwood, a gray wood floor, laminate or LVT. These undertones usually feature some shades of brown, which creates a versatile and comforting base for a room. 

Light and bright whites

Brightening up a room can make all the difference, especially when things are not so bright outside. Lighter shades of white on a marble floor tile or even hardwood are very popular. If you’re worrying that white will not last in your busy messy home, don’t worry! Our products, such as this beautiful light tile, are more stain-resistant and strong than ever. 

Deep, rich and dark

Funnily enough, there’s no need to jump on the white bandwagon this year, as the complete opposite is just as much in style. We’re talking about dark chocolate and charcoal products that create a striking look. You can add lighter décor and accents to rooms with dark flooring to create a true sense of balance. 

Distressed finishes

We are seeing continued coveting of natural elements, both in flooring and more general home décor. Accents like distressed area rugs, hand scraped wood, antique chairs and other handcrafted elements can really add a sense of nostalgia to a new and modern space. 



To learn more about our flooring products or to discuss design in more detail, give us a call today! City Carpets San Rafael is proud to serve the homes and businesses of Mill Valley, Tiburon and Novato.