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Learn About Fabrica Carpet

City Carpets Carpet One Floor & Home is dedicated to delivering our customers top quality carpets. Fabrica carpets are no exception to the high quality standards we have in our showroom. Fabrica is committed to fulfilling the promise of their mission of “Quality without Compromise.”

Fabrica manufactures carpets and rugs for the high-demand segment of high-end style residential market. Their unique broadloom carpet, custom area rugs and hand-tufted rugs have earned them an international reputation for attractive style and brilliant performance.

Fabrica Wool Carpet

Wool carpeting is a classic and popular carpet fiber option. It manages humidity by regulating heat and moisture to create a balanced, dry, and comfortable home environment. Wool is a dense fiber, so it absorbs noise from foot traffic. Because if its density it is also naturally flame retardant. Since wool is a natural fiber, it is also allergy resistant by trapping dust so it does not float around your home. Wool is a sustainable fiber because it comes from sheep, and is responsibly harvested.

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