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Bedroom Flooring Options San Rafael, CA

When you think of bedroom flooring options, tile is probably not the first thing that comes to mind! However, this non-traditional choice definitely deserves some consideration due to its ease of cleaning, unexpected elegance and style. Whether you're using the tile as a design element for a sparsely-decorated bedroom or simply love the look of basic tile, you may be surprised how well tile can be incorporated into the bedroom. Here's 4 reasons why we think you'll love tile under your tootsies when you wake up. 

1. Cool in the Summer
Tile is not known for being warm and toasty, but when the weather's hot year 'round as it is in the Southwest it definitely has some appeal as a flooring option! Instead of getting out of bed already feeling sticky and wondering what type of unexpected critter is hiding in your high-pile carpeting, a tile floor allows you to see everything headed your way while providing a cooler option for your toes. 

2. Modern and Contemporary
The wide range of tile styles and finishes, as well as sizes, make it the ideal bedroom flooring to set off modern or contemporary designs. Using a single color of tile allows you to add accents such as a rug or small table to break up the color. 

3. Old World Style
Weathered, oversized tiles in a natural stone finish can mimic the Old World look of a Mediterranean retreat. Whether you go for a slate look in your bedroom flooring or find something warmer that welcomes you in depends on your personal style. Carry the look into the bathroom to provide a flowing movement through your home simply with your flooring options. 

4. High Durability and Ease of Cleaning
Aside from design considerations, one of the most important things to keep in mind about your tile flooring is how easy it is to clean! Tile doesn't require special cleaning methods, is incredibly durable and will look fantastic for years to come. 

While you can install tile flooring in your master bedroom yourself if you're feeling incredibly ambitious, it's probably best to have professionals do the installation for you to ensure years of continuous problem-free use.