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The Healthier Living Installation

Carpet is a warming, comforting flooring option that is versatile when it comes to color, texture and style. But, carpet is not all about the fiber or color. An important, and often overlooked, aspect of choosing a great carpet is installation, as most people assume it to be pretty standard across the board. In truth, installation makes a substantial difference, and at City Carpets Carpet One, we have a substantially different flooring installation method unlike any other. Our method is called the Healthier Living Installation and we are passionate about its benefits.

The Healthier Living Installation is made up of three major steps, as outlined below:

Floor Installation Service

  1. Preparation: Our installation team uses a strong HEPA vacuum over the subfloor. This removes any remnants of the old flooring as well as prepares it for the installation. A HEPA vacuum removes 99% of unwanted dust and other allergens that many other vacuums may leave behind.

  2. Initial Treatment: Our installation team then uses a proprietary antimicrobial treatment over the floor. The treatment is called HealthinEx, and it inhibits the growth of mildew, mold and other odor-causing bacteria sources. If you or one of your family members are allergy prone, this treatment helps tremendously in eliminating allergy-inducing particles.

  3. Finishing Touches: As the last step, our installation team lays down a hypoallergenic cushion over the subfloor. This cushion not only keeps your carpet bouncy and soft, it also blocks against unwanted bacteria and mold once again.

Using HLI will help your carpet stay fresh and clean for years to come! To learn more about HLI and its benefits, contact City Carpets Carpet One or visit our showroom in San Rafael, CA.

City Carpets Carpet One is proud to serve customers throughout Tiburon, Novato and San Rafael.